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  1. General Provisions
1.1 These "Rules in the Internet-shop" Priority-Investment "(Next -" Rules ") Define the Procedure for Payment of Investment Packages of Participating Projects or Services Via the Internet-Shop with the management company" Delta-Alpha Group LTD "Next, the" Seller " Addressed to the Physical Persons, Next, the "Buyer" to be named, With the Joint Mention, Seller and Buyer. Also the "Parties" are named, And Each By Separate "Party".

1.2 Each Party shall Guarantee to the Other Party that it has the Required Right and Capacity, аnd Equal All Rights And Powers Necessary And Enough To Conclude And Enforce the Contract.

1.3 By registering and paying for the Selected Investment Package or Service through the Internet Shop, the Buyer agrees with the Rules set out below.

1.4 Seller Leaves The Right To Make Changes To These Rules In Connection With What The Buyer Commits To Regularly Track Changes In The Rules Placed On The Internet Store Page. Notice of Changes to these Rules. Seller Obliged To Post Not Later, Than For 5 (Five) Working Days to the Date of  Their Entry into Force.

1.5 The Buyer agrees with these Rules by Payment of the Selected Investment Package or Service.


  1.  Registration in Internet-Shop

2.1 Checkout The Online Shop may have Registered Buyers.

2.2 The Seller Has No Responsibility For the Accuracy and Correctness of the Information Provided by the Buyer at Registration.

2.3 The Buyer Registering In The Online Store, Creates Individual Identification By Providing Login And Password. Individual Buyer Identification Allows to Avoid Unauthorized Third Party Actions From the Name of the Buyer AND Opens Access to Additional Services. Transfer by the Buyer of the Login and Password to the Third Persons Prohibited, the Buyer Is Independently Responsible For All Possible Negative Consequences, In the Case of Passing the Login and Password to the Third Persons.

2.4 Personal Information Obtained in the Order of the Online Store When Registering Or by Some Other Way, Will not transfer Without User Permission, Transfer to Third Organizations and Individuals for Exclusion of Situations, When It Demands a Law Or A Judicial Decision.


  1. Registration & Timing of the Order

3.1. Buyer's order Formed through the Internet.

3.1.1 When Ordering, the Buyer Confirms What is Familiar With the Rules Terms of Agreement Via the Internet Shop And Offer Contract By clicking in the Window Near This Text. A Same provides the Seller with the information necessary to complete the Order.

3.1.2 When ordering through the Internet, the Customer Fills out the Registration Form and sends it to the Seller by clicking the Register button.

3.1.3 The Buyer has the option to Pay the Order Cost immediately, after the end of his registration.

3.2 The Seller Upon Receipt of Payment, Produces Verification which the Buyer will be able to Carry out in the "Personal Cabinet".
The information is updated 1 Time In Days, In Working Days.

3.3 In the Occasion of the Occurrence of the Buyer of Questions Concerning Participation in the Project or Services, Before Payment of the Order,
The Buyer Should Apply To The Seller By Phone: +44 (20) 80681886, +44 (8000) 988673.

  1. Payment of Goods

4.1 Payment for the Goods by the Buyer Produced in EUR or USD:

• Electronic Payment: Payment by VISA / Master Card.
• Bank Transfer for Requisites Specified in the Account.

4.2 The payer shall be the Buyer himself Payment From Third Parties (Not From The Buyer) - Not Allowed.

4.3 Formation of the Order Begins, After the Receipt of Funds to the Account "Delta-Alpha Group LTD". Information on Enrollment Funds can be obtained in Personal Area.
4.4 The contract is considered to be concluded from the moment of payment by the Buyer.

4.5 You must pay the Invoice within 3 (Three) Banking Days. In the Case of No Payment of the Account In Fixed Term, order Canceled.

  1. Warranties & Liability

5.1 The Seller Has No Responsibility for Damage Caused to the Buyer Due to Inadequate Registration of the Order Purchased in the Internet Shop.

5.2 Seller Does not Respond For Buyer Losses Occurred In Result:
• Incorrect Filling in the Order Form, In the T. C. Wrong  Instruction of  Personal Data,
• Wrongful Actions of  Third Persons.

5.3 The Buyer Carries Whole Responsibility for the Reliability of the Information Specified by It at Registration in the Internet Shop.

5.4 The Parties Are Released From Responsibility For  Complete  Or  Partial Failure of  Their Obligations, If  Such Non-Fulfillment Was the Consequence of the Action of the Circumstances of the Insurmountable Force Arising After  Entry into Force of Rules, As a Result of  Events of  Extraordinary Character, Which Parties could not Foresee and Prevent by Reasonable Measures.

5.5 In Other Cases Not Provided by Data. Rules, non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of one's own Obligations, Parties Carry Responsibility In Accordance with Applicable Legislation.

  1. Other conditions

6.1 To Relationships Between the Buyer and the Seller The provisions of the Applicable  Law are applied.

6.2 The buyer guarantees that all the conditions of these rules are clear to him, and he accepts them unconditionally and in full volume.

6.3 In the Occasion of Appearance of Positive Feedback And Claims From the Buyer's Party, He Must Apply to the Department by Working with the Seller's Customers Through the Feedback Form. All Emerging Parties Disputes Will Try To Solve Through Negotiation.

6.4 Invalidity of any Regulation of these Rules does not entail the Ineffectiveness of the Other Regulations. In the Event, If the Buyer Does Not Agree While Being With One Of The Positions Of These Rules, He does not have the right to use the Internet Shop.