Project "Solar" - is completed!

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Dear customers and employees!

Let us tell you that the "Solar" project is completed! All necessary funds have been collected and the project organizers thank all private investors for their participation in the project! Under the terms of the contract described by us in the annotation to the project and expressed more than once at the presentations, the investor will continue to receive 10% of their investment packages every month, which will make a profit of more than 20% per annum to 12% already received, where the profit was 44% in the initial project period up to the calendar year of each project investor!

Now the project organizers receive the first loans for the further completion of the construction and commissioning of 63 parks of solar batteries in the territory of Hungary. Further, the project will organize private investors for other facilities, but the details of this project have not yet been provided to us. We congratulate all on the successful completion of the project!