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Solar projekt hirei

Tisztelt résztvevők!

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Новости проекта Соляр

Уважаемые Участники проекта Соляр!



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The company Start Capital Financial Group from Hungary - transferred the cases

The company Start Capital Financial Group from Hungary - transferred the cases of Delta-Alpfa Group Ltd from UK

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Will the world see a new currency PHOENIX В 2018?

Will this be the currency of Phoenix (which was predicted by The Economist back in 1988 in 2018), whether it will be Crypto $. Or it will be gold trading in Yuan and Ruble. Or will it be bitkoin craze? World experts do not know, of course. But what they assume is that 2018 is likely to contain many surprises on the currency front with massive volatility not only in currencies, but also in most other markets.

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Dear participants of the Solar project!

Dear participants of the Solar project!
The management company received a notice from the owners of solar battery parks that payments of investments will be made only through a bank account, this is caused by the requirement of the bank commission for the issuance of a loan. 

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Выплаты по кошелькам и платёжным системам

Уважаемые Пользователи Priority Investment!


Дожны сообщить, что Финансовая Инспекция Венгрии не разрешила замен кошельков на Payoneer, согласно полученным заявкам.

По этому Мы будем выплачивать Вам на те кошельки и счета, откуда приходили деньги.

Каждый месяц после 28-го числа в течении 5 рабочих дней.

Напоминаем Вам что проект закрылся 17-го Октябрья, по этому производится выплата от инвестиционного пакета 10% до оканчания года.

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Start a new project!

Dear clients and employees of Priority Investment!

We are ready for a new project, the description of which will soon appear on our website.

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Project "Solar" - is completed!

Dear customers and employees!

Let us tell you that the "Solar" project is completed! All necessary funds have been collected and the project organizers thank all private investors for their participation in the project!

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Brokerage service

We will provide our clients an access to the most segments of exchange  trading using online trading systems. Our Clients will also use the services of margin lending, which implies the provision of additional cash when buying securities secured by the assets available to the Client.

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Creation of a depositary

The company has established interdepositary relations with all majors settlement and authorized depositories, which allows the most to meet the interests and needs of customers. The main goal of the company in the provision of depository services is to create the most convenient investment environment for its clients during performing  operations with securities.   

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Investment portfolios

The Investment Management Center will soon offer you several balanced investment portfolios: 

  • «Lucky speculator» 
  • «Wise strategist» 
  • «Reasonable investor»
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