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Payment for participation and security


    For all our customers, payment for orders with plastic cards is available. We accept cards accepted for payment in MasterCard International and VISA International payment systems. Payment for the site service will be automatically offered to you, as one of the main stages of ordering. Payment by bank card is a safe and reliable way of calculating with us. The payment procedure is as follows:

    1. 1. The system automatically redirects the client to the secure payment page of HTTPS (through the services of a processing company). This page meets the highest modern security requirements for settlements through VISA and MasterCard payment systems, using SSL certificates for this, and an SSL cryptographic protocol that provides secure transfer of information on the Internet between you and the server of the processing company.

    2. . To make payment, you will need to enter the following information in the payment form of the processing company:
      - - card number (usually 16 digits on the front side of the plastic);
      - - three-digit CVV2 / CVC2 code (indicated on the back of the card next to the signature, the last three digits).
      - - term of the owner;
      - - contact information (phone, address, e-mail, etc.)
           - - surname, name.
    3. Before confirming the payment (button "Pay" on the site), it is necessary to once again carefully check the correctness of all information entered in the form.
    4. Your card must support "3D Secure" technology. At the next payment step, the system will automatically redirect you to the site of the card issuing bank (the bank in which it is issued and serviced). To confirm the payment, you will need to enter the activation code of the transaction, which will be sent to the phone number tied to your card, from which payment is being made.
    5. Provided all requisites for payment have been entered correctly and there are sufficient funds in your account, you will see confirmation of payment (+ SMS can come to the number to write off funds from your account). Next, the program will prompt you to return to the page of our online store where you left off.

    1. If for any reason you need to make a full or partial refund of money paid to our company, you need to contact the support service with the appropriate request (in writing). Return of funds to the payer account takes from about 3-5 days. We can not give a more precise timetable, since they correspond to:
      - prescription of the order and payment.