Our new project is "GOLDEN PARACHUTE"!



This placement of capital in gold bullion!

Save your capital! Allow yourself the opportunity to receive compensation even in the event of unforeseen expenses! Create yourself a "Golden Parachute"!

Our partner in the project - GOLDEN PARACHUTE, START CAPITAL FINANCIAL GROUP compаny, provided an opportunity for the clients of the Internet platform Priority Investment to allocate capital through the purchase of gold bars.

Ingot of gold - is the standard form of a certain mass and quality. The word "ingot of gold" has become synonymous with high-grade gold. In the modern world, the products that have a sample of 0.995 or 0.9995 and higher have a circulation.


In times of economic and monetary crises, such as now, an experienced investor buys gold to protect his wealth. Gold played its role as a reserve of value for thousands of years. The level of debt in foreign exchange reserves has reached epic proportions, which makes it impossible to recover such large amounts of debt! Therefore, in such a complex and interconnected financial system, the default of one of the main players in the economy (financial institution, government ...) can cause a systemic collapse. Thus, a rational investor turns into tangible and liquid assets that are not secured by the indebtedness or third party liability of - precious metals.

Gold 2


Gold is manufactured by a very complex and lengthy technology, which costs a lot of money. In order to produce a troy ounce, you need to spend two hundred and forty dollars.


The market for the sale of physical gold does not have such a risk, unlike the international currency market. In this case, gold is a solid and stable unit in which you can invest your own funds without fear that it will become unprofitable. One gold bullion is set high enough price, which is enough to get a good profit with such a contribution.

The euro and the dollar are easier to acquire, however, given the volatility of currencies in the current time, is it worth to rely on paper money? As you know, in times of crisis, many prefer to invest in precious metals. Particularly worth noting is the fact that buying gold in bank ingots is much more profitable, if you buy antiques or jewelry.

Many people are interested in how to buy gold bullion and how the acquisition process itself is going on. Our consultants will help you, understand all aspects of this issue.

Nuances of purchase

The value of gold is prone to a variety of changes. For example, every year there are sharp price jumps. After the sharp crashes in April 2013, when only a day the price of gold fell by almost 10 percent - to $ 1,400 per troy ounce, its value was further gradually reduced. This is well illustrated in the gold price chart:



Pricing factors:


 Gold prices are constantly changing - five days a week, around the world, from the opening of the Asian market on their Monday morning (Sunday 3 pm EST) to the close of the US markets on Friday (4:00 pm EST).

  •  Daily sold 105 million ounces between customers of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

  • 32.15 million ounces at COMEX and other futures markets

  • 1.16 million ounces through ETF funds

  • 0.56 million ounces traded on consumer demand

  • If you compare the trading volume of the pair GOLD: USD with other pairs, USD: EUR, USD: JPY, gold is the sixth most traded currency every day.


Commercial banks engaged in precious metals, in which the actual purchase of gold bullion, also form quotes in accordance with the London fixing.

Sometimes it happens that the global value is reduced, and the banking institution keeps the old prices, because it bought ingots at the peak of value, and now does not want to suffer losses, realizing them at the current and not at the most favorable prices to them.

Acquisition of

You can buy a gold bar weighing from one gram to one kilogram. Basically, the price of gold bullion in banks is the same and the difference can only be a few euros.

Commercial banks engaged in precious metals, in which the actual purchase of gold bullion, also form quotes in accordance with the London fixing.

Sometimes it happens that the global value is reduced, and the banking institution keeps the old prices, because it bought ingots at the peak of value, and now does not want to suffer losses, realizing them at the current and not at the most favorable prices to them.


We offer our customers to purchase gold bars with a breakdown of 999/1000 from manufacturers from the list of "good delivery".

The list was made by the London stock exchange "The London Bullion Market Association"

You can buy ingots 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g and ingots 250g, 500g and 1000g.

The bank account leads the bank in the weight of gold-the customer counts the number of grams of pure 999/1000 gold on the account. The customer is the owner of grams / kilograms of gold, and not cash for which ingots were purchased.

According to the Constitution of Austria and Switzerland, the allocated ownership of the choice of precious metals and possession is only the client, and not the bank where his deposit is kept.


How much to buy, where to buy and how to protect your capital?

Our consultants can help you answer the question: "What do I need personally?"

All investors are pondering this question, and there is not one correct answer for everyone.

It depends on your capital and liquidity that you are looking for. As an investor, you also need to consider the future liquidity and the possible need for a partial resale of your precious metals or investments. And also, tax burdens from profits or the possibility of confidentiality of the transaction of purchase and sale. As well as receiving dividends on your personal account every month, which can be aligned to your personal passive income for you.

Before you go to the nearest branch of the banking structure that is under your sway, the question arises: is it possible to buy an ingot of gold specifically in the bank, namely in the nearest branch. Not every bank and its branch has a special license for operations with precious metals, so first you need to consult our consultants in your country.

Before placing your funds in an investment package, we suggest finding our representative in your country and it will accurately help you to place your capital according to your requirements and taking into account the security and tax benefits in your country!


Keeping in the bank is calmer, and more profitable.

Can I buy and store an ingot of gold at home? To store gold, of course, you can and at home. But for maximum reliability it is worth placing all your gold investments directly in the bank safe. In addition, you will not need to pay VAT.

Owning gold is a form of financial insurance, so you must have it in the safest way to reduce the risk of the counterparty.  That's why Start Capital offers an alternative solution for investment and storage that eliminates any risks associated with the presence of intermediaries between investors and their precious metals, either at the level of ownership (direct) or storage (a storage account in your name). Our customers, as the sole and unique owners of their precious metals, have full access to their stocks and can remove them by going to the store in person.



To buy an ingot is one thing, but how is the realization of gold back and what is the price of the precious metal?

To sell the ingot is much more profitable and easier for the bank where it was purchased. Own bullion bank prefers to buy more expensive, because it is confident in the original quality of metal. In addition, it is possible to save money and time on the examination of gold bars, which must necessarily pass the ingots purchased in other banks. Examination is an obligatory procedure, even if for every ingot the entire package of documents.

The company guarantees the liquidity of investments of our customers by buying precious metals stored in the protected depositories of our partner of the first class bank of Austria. The process is simple and allows you to fulfill orders of our customers within 48 hours. 


Key points of our offer "GOLDEN PARACHUTE"



  • Free consultation by our employees in your country, taking into account your legislative base.

  • Buy ingots in first-class European quality banks Good delivery.

  • Opening an investment account and personal cabinet in the European Bank in your name.

  • Allocated ownership of the choice of precious metals and possession exclusively by you with the right of personal property.

  • Calculation and maintenance of your account in grams of gold.

  • Liquidity of investments of our clients at any moment.

  • Insurance of customs clearance in the case of transportation of ingots you bought in the place specified by you - is covered by insurance of our partner for safe storage.

  • Keeping your gold bars in a safe depository in New York, Toronto, Zurich, Vienna and Singapore.

  • All of our administrative tasks for buying, storing and insuring your precious metals are decided by our specialists.

  • The opportunity to participate in the bonus program of the Internet platform Priority Investment


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