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Project from Alfa Group & Start Capital FG "The wise strategist"

The Investment management center of Alfa Group offers you one of the stable, balanced and successful investment portfolios - "Wise Strategist".

Our specialists from the company Start Capital Financial Group, which is part of the Alfa Group, focus on macroeconomic changes and identify their underlying factors. Taking into account the fact that our specialists always set the task first of all to "preserve and increase" the capital of clients, our expert team offers our clients a solution that will complement their existing investments and realize their international investment goals.

Dynamic changes on world markets require a revision of the traditional investment strategy. Since global markets are struggling with tough economic and political changes, there is a need to present updated financial decisions. We are ready for our clients to choose and offer those financial products and solutions that will provide answers to emerging needs and do all of this in the light of changes and at a professional level. 

Our mission is to help our clients expand the scope of their strategy in personal investment in order to solve global changes happening in the world, to protect and multiply their wealth.

"Wise Strategist"
It is an opportunity to safely and reliably invest your funds and ensure the growth of medium-term capital by investing in shares of world famous companies (bluechip) and also in gold bullion stored at your request in Austria.

Placement of capital by buying shares of the best companies in the world is the key to the success of your savings plan.
Diversification is the best solution for capital.


Therefore, we will offer, on a par with the exclusive portfolio of "Kopernikus", to invest part of the funds in gold bars of 999 tests, which will buy for you at the exchange, one of the best Austrian banks, working in the investment sphere since 1992.

The presence of these two tools in your investment portfolio will save not only balance and diversification, but also profit in any case! 

Already even beginning investors know that - when the yield of securities falls - the price of gold rises!

We offer this strategy to our investors.

Two existing investment offers since 2009 from our partner from Austria:

• Investment portfolio "Kopernikus"

• The purchase of gold bullion and its safe storage in the bank of Austria.

All the details and advantages of this alliance we will explain to you personally in a conversation with one of our consultants.
Applications for personal consultation and purchase of the investment package should be sent to: info@priority-investvemt.com








Portfolio of rentier (The investment in the project has already been terminated, the project has met the investment collection rate and now pays only the investment returns to the project participants)

S olar Energy World Ltd offers investors the opportunity to become a rentier co-owner who receives a steady income from a quality solar fleet in the center of Europe, financing of which has already been approved by one of the European development banks and the commission for the development of alternative energy in the EU.

The company received an opportunity to participate in the alternative energy financing program in Europe. This program is created for transition to highly  technological and environmentally friendly process of energy product in Europe, as well as reducing its purchase from outside. A very large amount of money has been  allocated to this process by the Commission for the Development of Alternative Energy of the European Union. Many companies participate in this tender, the first and main condition is the participation of private investors. The company must collect part of financing on its own. Since Solar Energy World Ltd has been involved in many projects for many years, including public ones, it has permanent incomes that it is ready to pay to private investors for interest and participation in this project, even before receiving profits from the project .

According to the calculations of the company`s economists, to receive non-refundable Eurobonds to build solar fleet parks in Europe, the company can announce to its private investors a premium on investment in the project to 12% per month, before the company receives a loan from the bank and eurobonds , which should be spent on the development of the project. This is the profit of private investors received even before the launch of the investment project. The percentage of profit paid to a private investor depends on the stage of readiness of other projects from which the company finances this project. The leaders are fully confident in the positive decision of both the bank and the commission for alternative energy in Europe to finance their company, they already have an agreement and have been pre-screened. Therefore, they decided to create a project of private participation in the project to create solar cell parks with a large percentage of monthly payments to private investors. This will give the company the opportunity to quickly collect the necessary amount. After the collection of funds for the stage is completed, the private investor will have the opportunity to either withdraw from the project after receiving his extra profit, or continue the project as a co-owner of the investment object. Then there will already be other percentages, of profits, they will certainly be much smaller, but constant and guaranteed by the state license purchase of electricity from investors for 25 years.

There is no risk of losing money - the object itself is a pledge of the investor's money, there are no inflation risks - the contract will take into account the annual inflation, there are no risks of market fluctuations - the contract is for a fixed monthly amount, there are no risks of loss of profit - the state guarantee and support of the EU commission, no risk of raider seizure – providing the management company with a trust of the investment shares.

Honest attitude to investors, transparency of the transaction is the key to successes of the company!

Rate of return

The annual rental yield allows you to exceed ...

Rate of return

The annual rental yield allows you to exceed the level of rates on bank deposits, without taking into account the growth in the value of real estate.


Unique in its payback real estate...


Unique in its payback real estate, with quality tenants and operating company. Share shares are strictly regulated by legislation and transparent to investors


Possibility to become a co-owner of one of the best...


Possibility to become a co-owner of one of the best European objects of alternative energy, the share of which can be transferred by inheritance. 


The characteristics of the asset allow us to say that...


The characteristics of the asset allow us to say that this is an advantageous alternative to bank deposits and other conservative investments. 


Solar Panel

Solar parks in Europe


To date, the project of solar parks is the most active in the company. The amount of micro-investment is available. There is an insurance system.

Solar Panel

The wise strategist


With the help of the "Wise Strategist" project, you can choose from three different investment strategies. Your savings can be invested at any time, and at any time you have access to investments, including profit.